Inspiration: STEEL CUT OATS

Steal cut oats, you tease, you!

I was shopping in my neighborhood Gelson’s the other day, and, this being Los Angeles, have the pleasure of being alerted of when a certain product is “gluten-free” by a bright orange tag placed next to the price.  Granted, this is Gelson’s, so the price tag isn’t exactly something I want to look at (normal products, beaucoup buck$), but I do appreciate their courtesy to gluten Bubble Children like myself. As I was walking down the cereal aisle, I noticed that there was a tag that read “Gluten-free” placed underneath the Steel Cut Irish Oatmeal.  What?!  Last time I checked, oats and wheat are siblings, and I sure do know the effects that wheat has on me.

Which lead to the question…

In a world of wheat and barley and rye and grains, can this soluble-fiber-filled whole-grain goodness actually be GLUTEN-FREE as has been preached?

As a vehement lover of oats, I sincerely hoped so.  This is why I did my research.

There has been much debate to whether or not oats are tolerable for those with a gluten-free diet, and whether or not they are digestible for those with celiacs.  To keep it as “non-sciencey” as possible, oats are part of the “Aveneae” family (think “Aveeno” lotion), which includes wheat, barley, and rye.  These grains, when not altered, do contain “gluten”, which is the thing that is so hard for people with celiacs and gluten-intolerances to digest.

Oats are different from their family counterparts, however.  In their pure form, steel cut oats do NOT contain levels of gluten that affect those with gluten-intolerances.  It is simply because of the contamination from the barley and wheat that people with gluten sensitivities do experience digestive problems when buying most store

-bought brands of oats. Staying true to my cooking philosophy, I experimented, so that you don’t have to!  I tried McCann’s Steel Cut Irish Oatmeal, as well as certified “Gluten-Free” Steel Cut Oats.  I, personally, did not feel an adverse reaction from either!  Cha ching!!! After more research on the McCann’s web-site, I found the disclaimer that there is the possibility of cross-contamination of less than .05% from barley and other grains.  What this means is that it is HIGHLY unlikely that one will have a reaction from their Steel Cut Oats, but it is, indeed, possible.   To sum it up:

With McCan’s Irish Steel Cut Oatmeal, you run the risk of .05% cross-contamination of gluten (for all of those Bubble Child risk-takers out there!!)^

<–With guaranteed “Gluten-Free Steel Cut Oats”, there is absolutely NO cross-contamination in the factory, and you are guaranteed gluten-free eating.

Cooking instructions: Simply boil one cup water, and then add in 1/3 cup oats, and a dash salt, cover loosely, and cook at low heat for about 12-15 minutes, stirring occassionally.  Remove from heat, and serve.

Serving suggestons:

1. top with 1 heaping teaspoon brown sugar, 1/2 tsp. cinnamon, and your favorite berries.

2. add in 1/2 sliced banana, and 1/2 teaspoon vanilla for that “cookie batter” taste.  (For a real treat, add 1 1/2 tbs. gluten-free chocolate chips for some gooey chocolate-y magic!)


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