…Grandma’s scalloped potatoes.

If you do recall from my “Philosophy” page, I tend to gravitate to “Tried and True” recipes when cooking for a lover… especially for the first time.  It doesn’t get more true, and certainly not more tried, than with Grandma’s old-fashioned recipes.

Wait.  It does get more tried… because Grandma’s recipes, while absolutely and admonishingly DELICIOUS, contain copious amounts of gluten, with everything from the gooey Mac n Cheese to the warm cherry pie to the crispy, savory, cheesy Scalloped Potatoes.


Problem is, it’s not so yum when these delectable sensory masterpieces make that dress I bought for the date grow two sizes because my body doesn’t want to cooperate with this whole “wheat” thing.  Not exactly the most charming thing to whip up for your guy, even if the cooking is that mouth-watering.

Great news!!  Hearty “guy-worthy” food doesn’t have to be weighed down with things that irritate you and your Bubble Child digestive enzymes!  When cooking for someone who you don’t want to share an upset stomach with, lover or not, I’ve found that it’s about achieving the right mix of delicious, knock-your-socks-off home-cooking, and making sure your stomach stays “date happy” comfortable.

This past weekend in Quebec, I will have to thank Grandma for the bliss in the love/food department.  After slight gluten modifications to her infamous scalloped potatoes recipe, I was able to make a very handsome man a very HAPPY man.  You know what they say about men and their stomachs… it really is like a sling shot into their heart.

<–preparing the goods.  He likes taking pictures.

<–he likes eating, more.

So you can impress your man (and self!), as well, here is the recipe for my Grandma’s scalloped potatoes with a gluten-free twist!

Gluten-Free Scalloped Potatoes

We ended the night with stomachs and hearts full.  Aw.



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  1. Samuel

    And believe me the sling shot hit me directly where she tries to hit me. It’s exactly the kind of food that I like. A plate with some vegetables, potatoes, chicken (or meat, or fish) and with cheese. But without a doubt a big part of love. Thanks for the dinner and for sharing with people. It shows your big heart.

  2. FC

    This looks delicious !

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