These succulent tropical fruit, packed with potassium, iron, and tryptophan (a naturally-occuring mood-enhancer), are already delicious as is, but who knew they could be so useful FROZEN!  A gal I worked with the other day told me, to avoid dairy, her and her boyfriend make their own ice cream using frozen bananas.  Light bulb!

INSPIRATION using frozen bananas:

(1) Combine in food processor with agave nectar, cocoa powder, and vanilla to make chocolate ice cream (see photo above).

(2) Drizzle melted chocolate bar over the top for a “magic shell” confection. (see photo to right)

(3) Combine with coconut milk, frozen strawberries, fresh ginger, and a touch of vanilla/(liquor of your choice) for a delightful smoothie treat!


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One response to “Inspiration: FROZEN BANANAS

  1. Kurt

    O my me, the chocolate ice cream is a new favorite.

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