<–now that’s what I call happy.

Oh, Oktoberfest in Munich, how you did plant a smile on our faces.  The beaming grins above donned by me and my roommates are of direct result of jolly Germans, dirndl dresses, and, let’s be honest, BEER.  What many gluten-intolerance sufferers and celiacs alike miss more than cookies.  …sometimes.

I remember, amidst my joyful daily intake of two very large beers per day, my face felt like it had swollen to the size of an igloo and I literally could not eat anything because of the digestive repercussions of just living off of gluten.  (This was before I was aware I actually had an intolerance.)  I will admit, it was not my, ahem, healthiest vacation ever, but the beer sure did taste good!

Not every day is Oktoberfest (thank goodness), but that doesn’t mean that gluten bubble children and even just those who are curious cannot enjoy a little gluten-free treat every now and then.  And if you’re curious to what the heck gluten-free beer could taste like and which brand is the best?  Have no fear.  I’ve tried them ALL.

And the winner?


GREEN’S GLUTEN-FREE BEER: <-you can get it online through this link or at various health food stores.

Prost! (That’s “cheers” in German.  We learned that quite quickly at Oktoberfest.)


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