Inspiration: BODY&SOUL, Farmer’s Markets in New York, and Gluten-Free muffins

Farmer’s Market in Union Square, New York City

<–market window shopping

<–oh, happiness!

aka- every foodie’s HEAVEN.  Today, I had the distinct pleasure of commencing my morning with a stroll through Union Square in NYC, to be pleasantly surprised by their artisanal Farmer’s Market, where local farmers, merchants, and bakers from neighboring areas come to sell their delicious fruits, cheese, hand-made goods, and baked goods.

After walking by several stands of incredible (gluten-infused) pastries and pies and tarts and breads, I came upon a stand called “Body & Soul”.  I was greeted by a friendly baker by the name of Scott, and when I inquired whether they had gluten-free baked goods, he pointed me to one of the most delicious things I have ever put in my mouth: A Zucchini Muffin.  GLUTEN-FREE.

One thing was for sure when I bit into that succulently moist, gooey, chocolate-chip infused morsel of happiness: I had found my next INSPIRATION: GLUTEN-FREE MUFFINS.  Scott is an amazing baker, as he lists every ingredient in his products in front of the display.  When I was reading the ingredients listed on the GF Zucchini Muffin, I was not surprised to find that: (a) they were very simple, all-natural, and organic and (b) he used a combination of both brown rice and some sort of protein flour.

What I have found to be extremely effective in my gluten-free baking is that a combination of both rice flour and either sorghum flour, garbanzo bean flour, or rice bran is the way to go to get that moist, velvety texture that so often is missing in gluten-free goods.  While rice is delicious, it’s not exactly as hearty as wheat, which is why a protein addition to any baked good can only ameliorate the finished product, taste, and overall experience.

Which is why Scott’s BODY & SOUL baked goods are the INSPIRATION for me to share my recipe for my “Bran New Muffin“.  Enjoy!

<–cook these using THIS RECIPE: Bran New Muffin


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