WHEN YOU NEVER WANT IT TO END: Jerusalem Artichokes

Fancy this: I made it to Farmer’s Market (again) today in Union Square.  Let’s call it my drug: I’m hooked.

This time, however, I was not on a date with myself, but accompanied by one of my closest friends since age 6 and one of the dearest people I have ever known in my life: the amazing Kristyn Brophy.  As we gobbled down fresh jonagold apples and maple syrup candy, we scoped our options for what we were to prepare for dinner this evening.  Kristyn, like me, loves food.  Kristyn, unlike me, does not have histamine overload with practically every thing she puts in her body, and so shopping with her is always fun, easy, and, well, flexible.

It was then that I’d realized how having allergies has inevitably forced me to be more creative with the food I select.  There are so many “plain” things I know that I cannot eat, and if something will not make me swell to the size of a whale, I’ll take it!  Thus, due to my prior farmer’s market experimentation, I had the pleasure of introducing her to one of my favorite items to cook with: jerusalem artichokes.  These anti-oxidant jewels are gluten-free, and make a WONDERFUL substitute for starches like potatoes, squash (to which I actually do have an allergy), and corn.

Imagine if sweet potato fries, artichoke hearts, and butter had a baby.  That’s what these bad boys taste like.

So, inspiration: Buttery (But no Butter) Jerusalem Artichokes

We prepared these tiny health bombs with olive oil, herbes de provence, and a pinch of sea salt, and served with hand-made, farmer’s market lamb mergueza served over a bed of fresh herbed greens.  Bon. Appetit.

Here is what Kristyn said when eating the meal: “One of my favorite quotes I have read is this, ‘Whenever you’re reading a really good book, you try to read the end really slow because you don’t want it to end.  Sort of like when you eat a really delicious meal, you try to eat it slow, so you can savor every bite, because you don’t want that to end, either.’  That’s how I feel about this meal.  The book and the fork.  You don’t want to put either down.”

Kristyn… I couldn’t agree more.  We had an delightful evening catching up, cooking down(town), and living in joy through food and good company.

Recipe here: Buttery (But no Butter) Jerusalem Artichokes


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