Inspiration: HELLO PASTA!

Hello, pasta!  But, really.  Hello Pasta.  After my morning of yoga, meetings, and walking about in tall boots, I was STARVING by the time the lunch hour rang.  Lucky for me, I got to say “hello” to a terrific New York gem of a chain.

Inspiration: HELLO PASTA

This chain is revolutionizing the way we order pasta, and considerate of the gluten-free crowd walking these bustling streets.  Their three-step process includes:

1. Pick a Pasta (with one gluten-free penne option, all dairy and egg-free)

2. Pick a sauce (1/3 of the options are gluten-free, 1/3 are dairy-free)

3. Cheese and Toppings (vegan, dairy, and gluten-free options)

I had a conversation with the owner, and he said that the gluten-free option has been integral to the success of this new chain of pasta place.  One complaint he did have, as a European, a foodie and, obviously, a lover of pasta,  is that it is really hard to get it “al dente”.  He found that the “Heartland” brand had been the least mushy thus far, and I recommended he try Thinkyada.  We’ll see what he “thinkyada-ed” of that, soon!

<–pasta they use

<–awesome atmosphere

<–yummy YUMMY sauces.  They let you sample.  So, I can say that (plural) sauceS are delicious.


NYC Locations:

649 Lexington Ave @ 54th St.

708 Third Ave @ 44th

125 Maiden Lane @ Water St.


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  1. FC

    can’t wait to try that gluten free pasta! more often than not, they don’t taste nearly as good as the real deal.

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