Since I have been devising my gluten-free sweet-tooth inspired goods, I never knew that anyone else in the world made GLUTEN-FREE OREOS until I went to Risotteria in the West Village in NYC.  This is literally a gluten-free mecca.  If this was back in the day of the crusades and Church expansion, I would have literally crawled on my hands and knees to experience the necessity that is the Risotteria pilgrimage.  Fortunately, the subway replaced the need for crawling on all fours to experience the glory that is this New York institution.

The entire menu of a very Italian restaurant is completely gluten-free.  Meaning: when breadsticks are brought to the table, they are gluten-free.  Croutons in the Caesar Salad?  Gluten-free.  Beer on the menu?  Gluten-free.  New-York style pizza?  Gluten-free.  Oh, and all of the desserts?  You guessed it: gluten-free.

Despite the phenomenal food heaven I found myself in, one thing did strike me amidst the plethora of safe-eating for me: gluten-free oreos.  Great minds do think alike.  Or so I like to think.


Gluten-Free Oreos

Buon appetito!!!!  I hope when you twist the cookie, you get the side with the frosting.  ;)


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