Inspiration: HEMP SEEDS

No, no, no.  Not those kinds.  Get your mind out of the gutter.  Or, rather, out of those lava-lamp dancing, rainbow-flowing clouds.  The hemp seeds I’m talking about contain neither THC, nor mood-altering properties.  I take that back.  They do alter mood, but this is not because they make Jimi Hendrix sound like auditory marshmallow cream.

Hemp seeds do make you feel like a million bucks, but this is because they contain amino acids and unusual amount of omega-3 (and -6) fatty acids.  These omega fats that everyone digs so much are what has been frequently referred to as the “good fats”– instead of blocking up your arteries with sticky fats, they can actually assist in removing the “bad” cholesterol and replacing it with the “good” cholesterol.  What’s more, is that having fat in our diets is actually essential to our overall health.  Fat transports nutrients in the blood stream.  Enter: MORE mood-enhancement, as feel-good vitamins like the “D” and the “B”s can actually get around in your body with a little bit of lard in there.  Good lard, of course.

Further cholesterol-lowering properties include their phenomenal amounts of fiber in these green seeds.  (Over 25% daily value with just a teensy bit).  Fiber in the blood stream removes things in the blood and digestive system that we don’t want there, and keeps us, well, “regular”.

These things are great.  But they are not why I love the seed of hemp so.

My favorite part about HEMP SEEDS?

As a bubble child, here are some things that hemp seeds make up for that I could never have:

  1. NUT BUBBLE: hemp seeds make delicious butter that functions as a high-protein, low-carb, sweet, gooey substitute for peanut butter.  Use on sandwiches, eat with sliced bananas, or mix into smoothies for some creamy goodness.  Available in most health-store or online.
  2. GLUTEN BUBBLE: sometimes I feel like I am missing fiber in my diet when I cannot have those things like bran, whole wheat bread, and other “whole grain” products.  What’s more, is that cooking baked goods sometimes feels a lot less hearty.  Hemp seeds function as a great substitute to spice up gluten-free goods:
    1. combine and bake with dried fruit, honey or agave nectar, vanilla, and gluten-free oats or quinoa for an incredible gluten-free granola.  Serve with yogurt.
    2. use instead of flour in moist baked goods like chocolate brownies or pound cake.  The moisture from the fat, combined with the carbohydrates from the fiber, bind your “bland” rice flour together miraculously, and really spice up baking with chocolate.
    3. Eat them straight up!  It’s hard to find snacks with healthy carbs on a gluten-free diet.  The mixture of protein, carbs, and good fat keep you satiated, satisfied, and sensorily-pleased.
  3. DAIRY BUBBLE: Two words: hemp milk.  I love my hemp milk products.  Whether it be chocolate hemp milk “straight up”, the plain variety on my gluten-free cereal, or using it in baking, hemp milk does the trick.  Hemp “milk” is also used in a variety of frozen novelties, with the likes of ice cream and frozen bars.

Still think of the ‘60s when you hear hemp?  OK, probably, yes.  However, this type of hemp is a dose of something that is legal enough to serve at a kindergarten luncheon.  Which makes me, a Bubble Child who discovered her “Bubble Child-ness” in kindergarten, get a little high (naturally) off of a very healthy hemp solution!


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