I remember way back to middle school when one of my first boyfriends revealed a little confession of his to me the Friday before Easter. He arrived at school with just a card, and a severe apology.  He had gone to the store earlier that morning with his mom and bought me a huge chocolate Easter Bunny confection.  His mom, a friend of our family, scolded him immediately upon his return to the car, and demanded if he was trying to kill me.  A little notice on the back of the package said that he might.

Anyone who has read the back of a Hershey’s bar, or any other store-bought chocolate, has probably noticed the little disclaimer of “Made in a factory that processes peanuts, nuts, and other tree nuts”, or something to that extent.  It may even go as far as to say “May contain traces of nuts,” which most candies and factory-made products do, in fact, divulge.

Granted, the probability of nuts actually getting in the candy is less likely than probable, and moreover to avoid the legal assault of someone having a reaction to a trace ingredient not listed.  For Bubble Children like yours truly, or their childhood lovers, this isn’t exactly the most comforting thing to read on the back of something that is supposed to be a delight.


All of their amazing goodies are made in a completely nut-free facility, so you will see none of those little “disclaimers” on the backs of their packages.  The only thing you will encounter with their creamy, chocolate-y goods is guaranteed safe satisfaction.

If only my little adolescent lover could have known about these delicacies before it was too late.  We might have still been together.

Ummmm.  I mean.  Right.

That’s neither here, nor there.  They’re amazing.  Try them.


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