I think it’s safe to say that pizza is one of the most commonly missed food items of Gluten Bubble Children.  For me, pizza takes me back to post-football game “New York Pizza” gatherings down the street from my high school, “pizza-making” birthday parties and sleepovers with my girlfriends when I was a tiny tot, and sharing the presence of good friends over a couple of wedges and a beer.

Low and behold, this activity is far more difficult when you cannot eat wheat, as, tradition will have it, the crusts of these savory pies are comprised of wheat flour, yeast, and other flavorful agents.

While yeast itself does not have gluten, the flour (obviously) does, so it takes not only a brave chef but a creative one at that to create something of safe eating, yet tasty quality.  After all, what is a pizza without the crust?!



38 E 23rd St. (Right down the street from Eataly)

New York, NY 10010


Welcome to Mozzarelli’s:

<–these are all gluten-free.  Wow.

This pizza joint could not be more legit.  When I think of New York pizza, I don’t think of gourmet, over-priced, dark-lighting with mahogany furniture and Chanel bags.  I imagine a good, old-fashioned counter with pizza to order by the slice that is under $5 a pop.  The latter is Mozzarelli’s.

Their crust is composed of rice, bean flour, cider, and pure love.  Pure love=other ingredients that they are not going to share to maintain the integrity of their phenomenal crust.

Since they won’t share, I will.  I use corn meal, as I enjoy the sweetness.  However, if you want to sub it out with half garbanzo flour, half sorghum flour, be my guest.

<–my pizza!

Enjoy: Bubble Child Pizza

Bubble Child benefits:

1. Gluten-free, low-sugar

2. Lactose-sensitive (goat cheese instead of cow’s milk= easier to digest)


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