Flax seeds are, fortunately, not just a bunch of hype in the health food world.  These potently healthy seeds, packed with omega fatty acids and fiber, serve not only your arteries but baked goods well!

Flax seeds, when ground and combined with liquids, are really sticky, and get even more so when used in baking.

Inspiration for this post came from VIVA HERBAL PIZZA in NYC (see “Explore NYC“), when I stopped in after seeing a chalk board sign out front that said “GF Pizza”.  After entering, ordering my dairy AND gluten-free pizza, and having a phenomenal conversation with the uber-healthy owner, he shared his secret.  Customers were complaining about the crumbliness of the crust, so instead of adding a bunch of chemicals or eggs, he simply added ground flax seeds and water, and increased the proportion of flax seed compared to buckwheat flour.

MORAL OF THE STORY? 1 tbs. flax seed plus 2 tbs. cold water will have the same binding properties of an egg in baking.

Great for egg allergies, great for gluten-free baking, excellent to make up for the lack of “healthy fats” on a nut-free diet!

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