Inspiration: DAIYA dairy-free cheese

The problem with most non-dairy cheese for Bubble Children is that it is either (a) made with soy or (b) made from nuts.  For me, that is a lose-lose combination, as soy turns my insides into a playground for discomfort and nuts, well, kill me.

It was stumbling upon the amazing VIVA HERBAL PIZZERIA in the East Village of NYC that I not only discovered another gluten-free pizza joint but the spectacular substitute that is DAIYA dairy-free cheese.

<–THIS has no dairy.  Can you believe it?!

This cheese is made without any of the common allergens (i.e. nuts, dairy, soy, gluten, etc) and melts sooooooo well.

My recommendation for today?  Put some cheddar Daiya in between two gluten-free rice tortillas, heat over medium heat on a skillet, and top with some guacamole for a delicious, dairy and gluten-free quesadilla.  :)

Daiya is available at most health-food stores, including Whole Food’s nation-wide and online.

VIVA HERBAL PIZZERIA is located in the East Village of NYC at 179 2nd Ave (12th), New York, NY 10003.



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3 responses to “Inspiration: DAIYA dairy-free cheese

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  2. Thanks for blogging about us! We’re so glad you are able to now enjoy your favorite cheesy dishes with our products. If you’re looking for more restaurants who have Daiya on the menu, visit our website

    • I think the appreciation has to go to YOU for creating such delicious, dairy-free cheese, and providing us with a tasty and melty substitute to creamy, cheesy goodness. : )

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