Inspiration: EPI-PEN JACKET

No.  I am not kidding.  There is such thing as a jacket that is custom built to carry around an Epi-Pen at all times.

Michelle Williams, mother of two children, is the genius behind Olli Lolli.  She created the brand and concept of allergy-free clothing when she was told that her son had a deadly nut and dairy allergy, and would have to carry around an Epi-Pen AT ALL TIMES.  It’s difficult enough to help kids remember to put on shoes before leaving the house, let alone be responsible for guarding a life-saving tool every hour of the day.

<–how cute is THIS?!

Michelle’s innovative line of windbreakers features pockets specifically labeled for the child’s Epi-Pen.  She also houses a chic collection of bracelets and organic t-shirts that denote what the child’s allergy is.

What I love about this is not just the dedication to safety, but the bringing out into the open the prevalence of food allergies; the attention to not just treating them, but accepting them!  I guess it’s easy to not feel like a total “Bubble Child” when the world is so accommodating.

Thank you, Olli Lolli!!!

What I (and my mother) wouldn’t have given for one of these jackets when I was younger.

Available at


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