Inspiration: I’m confused… NUT-FREE PAD THAI?!

A simple inspiration for the evening: I DISCOVERED THE BEAUTY THAT IS PAD THAI.

Nut AND gluten-free.  That. Never. Happens.  Thanks to the wonderful Sticky Rice restaurant on the Lowest East Side of Manhattan.

After my exquisite meal, I wanted to share the easy, no-fuss, no nuts Thai with my non-New York Bubble Children.  I did some research online, and found the following: GOURMET THAI!

This allergy-free gastronomical deity of a site has all allergy-free Thai food sauces and flavorings:

Gourmet Thai satay paste does not contain peanuts, wheat, dairy or gluten. Therefore it is safe for people with servere peanut and other allergies. 

This paste is freshly prepared from a blend of natural fresh herbs and spices. The spices are roasted to achieve the subtle “nutty” flavour. The equipment used to process the marinade is dedicated for this particular product only. 

Customers are guaranteed that there are no cross-contamination with any other traces of nuts, wheat, dairy or gluten. 

The marinade paste is also free from MSG, artificial colours, soy products, animal products and harmful preservative. “

You can buy online at, or voyage to Australia to buy direct.  You take your pick.  : )


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