Inspiration: Think these are corn chips? Think again. CHIPS, GUAC, AND BLACK BEAN DIP… bubble child style.

Whoever came up with the idea of deep frying bananas is a genius.  Not only does it include (a) bananas, (b) deep frying and (c) crispy sugar matter that goes in your mouth, but it is safe for most Bubble Children.  Especially when they have an aversion to corn (like, sad face, yours truly).

Today was another glorious day, sunshine in full force in NYC, and a huge plate of chips, guac, and black bean dip for the NYC Bubble Child.  But these chips were not of the typical inflate-my-stomach-corn-variety.  Oh, no.  They were genius, far from mundane, and were banana chips.

What. An. Inspiration.  It’s amazing how many people have corn aversions, sensitivities, or just stay away from it for health reasons.  I found this to be such a great solution for all of those things.  Thank you, Agozar Cuban Bistro.

Moral of the story: you want to entertain and not bloat yourself or guests?

1. Buy a bag of banana chips

2. Mash up (4) avocados, (4) cloves minced garlic, the juice of one lemon, and  (1/2) tsp. with sea salt (guac)

3. Combine (1) can drained, canned organic black beans and (1) tsp. minced garlic in a food processor (black bean dip)

…and voila.  You’re a hero with a happy tummy.


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