I’m so lucky my Grandma was a home economics teacher.  I learned so many valuable things: how to sew a pillow, what to do with apple cider vinegar, the remedies for puffy eyes… yet I never learned how to make unconventional “conventional” dishes.  She was just too good at the delicious, traditional, home-cooking!

One thing that was in my fundamental training was that you always use milk when making scrambled eggs, because you want them to be nice and fluffy.  While that is all nice and well, it doesn’t sit as well when you are a Bubble Child with a dairy intolerance/allergy.

Thus, I have played around in the kitchen in the morning, and found a cool trick of the trade: using 1 tbs. of cold water instead of milk does the same trick: it makes your scrambled eggs fluffy without the dairy additive.

Mix 1 tbs. cold water with 3 eggs and cook it up with some olive oil, and you’ve got yourself some fine scrambled eggs that are easy to digest, enjoy, and start that morning weekend!


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