Inspiration: April showers bring May FLOURS

In honor of the last day of May (wow, how this year has flown by already), I think it’s only appropriate to discuss flowers flours.

The first step in gluten-free baking comes down to one of the integral components of pastry creation: flour.  Since gluten is the protein found in wheat, traditional wheat flour, be it white or whole wheat, is clearly off-limits for those of the gluten sensitive variety.

Here’s a list of approved Bubble Child flours, with a brief description.  I started out with my All-Purpose Gluten-Free flour mix.  It works like a gem to replace flour in ANY recipe.


All-Purpose Gluten-Free flour mix

-Brown rice flour: excellent substitute for wheat flour.  However, it lacks a bit of density that “normal” flour has, so usually will require xantham gum as a binding agent.  Relatively odorless, and no strong taste, so it is a pretty neutral substitute.

-White rice flour: see above, but it is refined, so is technically not a whole grain and not quite as healthy as brown rice flour.

-Sorghum flour: amazingly sweet, has fiber, and protein.  Thus, it is excellent for use in baking pastries, and adds a little kick to any sweet good.  I would not recommend using this by itself, however, as it can get rather crumbly and kind of thick.

-Quinoa flour: tastes like quinoa, and is really good for you.  High in fiber, protein, and minerals, quinoa flour is one of the healthiest of the gluten-free varieties.  The taste is pretty noticeable, so only use if you are going for that “quinoa” taste.

-Millet flour: is a bit grainy, but adds a really fun texture and hearty flavor to your recipe.  Once again, I would not recommend just using millet flour, but it really does add a cool flavor is used in smaller doses.

-Corn meal: a lot of people do have corn sensitivities, but in case you are not one of these people, it is a great and sweet option to add to your rice flour blend for traditional baked goods.

-Buckwheat flour: is gluten-free!  Even though the name might come across a bit “wheat”-y.  I do not tend to bake with the flour too much, but it is a rich flavor that is wonderful added to rice flour.

-Garbanzo bean flour: this is an excellent flour to use as a part of your baking mix for baked goodies, and can actually be whipped up into homemade hummus if cooked with some broth, garlic, lemon juice, tabasco sauce, and olive oil.  I love using this in my mixes for baking, as the protein and fiber, once again, prove to be an excellent source of binding in the baked treats.


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