New York is such a treacherous place.  From crazy taxi drivers, to leaky apartment ceilings, to green rice, things get crazy.

Wait… green rice?  How is that crazy.  How how how. (?)

For a Bubble Child like me, every day is crazy, especially if it comes to eating food that is not prepared by my own two hands.  On my lunch break this week, I stopped by this place in SoHo called “Rice”*.  Sounded simple enough: a moderately-priced, healthy place that serves different variations of, you guessed it, rice.

I did my normal, “I’m allergic to [the world]…”, and focused on my gluten and nut allergies.  The place was quite busy, so I could tell the hostess taking my To-Go order was only half listening.  I ordered the “Green Rice”, which listed only rice, spinach, cilantro, and a few other green herbs in it.  No traces of nuts were mentioned.

Upon receipt of my cute Chinese-food-looking take-out carton, I had to speed off to meet with more of my Time Out New York clients, so I saved the carton for the following day.

Thank goodness.

When I opened up the carton at my desk, I bit into the rice, chewed, and swallowed.  I took another bite, chewed, looked at the carton, and immediately spit it out.  What I saw was a large chunk of walnut!!! in the rice.  Why?!?!?  I assumed that it had simply gotten mixed in, so I moved the rice around with my fork, and discovered the rice was completely laced with the dangerous bits of protein.  I couldn’t help (a) be so so SO relieved that my first bite did NOT include walnuts, (b) scared out of my mind that I almost took a lethal bite of food, (c) really upset as to why this was not listed on the menu, as it is a common allergen and was prominent in the dish, and (d) thankful that I had my Epi Pen.

This is why I am posting a little refresher video that I found on YouTube that very specifically illustrates how to use the Epi Pen.  It’s good for anyone to watch, because even if you do not have any immediate allergies, there is probably someone around you who does:

*Rice, the restaurant, was extremely accommodating when I called them and told them what had happened.  Not only did they obviously comp my meal, and then some, but were probably more terrified than I was (legal issues get rather pricey when dealing with life or death).  They are now going to list the walnuts on the menu.  Hopefully this scary experience saved the life of another Bubble Child just looking to eat some rice for lunch.


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