For someone who felt really out of place growing up with food allergies, it baffles me sometimes the extent to which it has been brought to the forefront of eating nowadays.  Baffles me in an entirely positive way.

I had the distinct pleasure of spending this weekend in Charlotte, North Carolina, where my brother and his wife just had a baby girl: Reilly Rose von Trapp.  (Cutest. Name. Ever.)

Yes.  My sister-in-law dressed the little Miss Reilly Rose in a “Wild Child” jumper.  Never too early.

For our final night together, they took me to a “surprise” pizza place named Mellow Mushroom.  The “surprise” was that… they had gluten-free (and dairy-free) pizza!!!  In North Carolina?!  No way.  The availability of gluten-free pizza, which was once limited to very health-conscious, metropolitan, granola-type establishments, has now become rather the norm.

Mellow Mushroom is located in about a dozen states, and offers a gluten-free crust and dairy-free cheese options to their innovative and creative pizza dishes.  What’s more, is that at the bottom of their “Menu” section on their web-page, you will find the following:

“Please make us aware of any food allergies when calling your order in.”

Looks like I’m not so out of the ordinary with my Bubble Child-ness, after all!  If you do not have a pizza place locally that serves the gluten-free variety, my recommendation to you is to simply ask, and recommend they give places like Mellow Mushroom and Z Pizza a call.  Hopefully we can all have some local pizza place to enjoy and share a slice or two with a friend some day… hopefully some day very soon!


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