Inspiration: Stay cool, Bubble Child.

It was 100 degrees out in NYC yesterday.  The big apple was baking!  (Would have made a very nice GF apple cobbler.  Yum.)

But I was not thinking of baking.  Or cobbler.  In fact, the thought of being next to an oven, or anything that is over 350 degrees Fahrenheit, for that matter, sounded like one of the last activities I wanted to engage in.

Thus, I came up with a little list of 5 easy Bubble Child ways to “cool down”.  Enjoy your weekends!!

Stay chilly.

1. Home-made popsicles!  Since frozen novelties frequently involve either dairy, gluten, corn, nuts, processed ingredients, or a combination of all of the above, they’re not exactly Bubble Child friendly.  A simple solution is to whip out your ice pop molds, add your favorite fresh-squeezed juice (or buy your favorite in the store), freeze until solid, and voila!  You’ve got a popsicle.  (Taking it way back to childhood here.)

2. Eat something with mint!   While spicy foods are amazing, they don’t quite help you cool down.  Eating something with mint, like my Cilantro Mint Mango Quinoa with Avocado.

3. Melon out!  My co-workers laughed at me yesterday because our Group Publisher brought in melon, and while they got excited because it was food, I exclaimed, “Oh, this is so hydrating!”  But it’s true.  Melon is SO good for you, especially during the summer months, as it replenishes your hydration not only through its water content, but through essential vitamins and minerals, such as potassium.

4. Dip your feet in cold water.  Sounds simple enough, but it does the trick.  It’s amazing how intricately connected the feet are to the rest of the body (including the stomach).  So for Bubble Children with upset stomachs, this will help calm both your heat frustration and digestive patterns.

5. Hand-make your own summer cocktails!  Most cocktail mixes have very processed ingredients in them, namely high-fructose corn syrup, which are difficult for Bubble Children to take down.  No one wants that when the point of a drink is to, well, make you feel good.  Check out my place of work (Time Out New York) for a list of amazing, home-made cocktails: The Feed, Time Out New York


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