Best intern EVER. Gluten-free cake pops!!!

I must reiterate this strange thing: I love my job.  Working at Time Out New York obviously has its perks, and one of them is our fine selection of interns.

One in particular, Noa, bless her soul, also doubles as a pastry chef.

When the doll came in on her first day, she had baked an array of cookies, breads and delicious goodies for the office.  While everyone was raving about them, I asked her if she had made anything that did not contain flour.  She, not surprisingly, said that she had not, but that half of her family had the same condition I had.

A week later, she strolls up to my desk holding what appears to be two lollipops.  She hands them to me and says, “I was cooking for my cousin with Celiac and thought of you.”  She had made me two GLUTEN-FREE CAKE POPS.

I (inappropriately?) jumped out of my chair and hugged her, as she explained how she had simply used King Arthur’s gluten-free cake mix, along with the Whole Food’s gluten-free frosting in a traditional cake pop recipe.

Cake pop recipe here: Gluten-Free Cake Pops

King Arthur’s link here:

Gluten-free frosting here:

Pops didn’t stand a chance.–>


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One response to “Best intern EVER. Gluten-free cake pops!!!

  1. Thank you Erica! This is so sweet! And I love your blog—I sent a link to my cousin with Celiac :)

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