Inspiration: “TUNA”-fish sandwich

Some Bubble Children are really in a bubble, and cannot get near the likes of eggs, fish, or gluten, which makes the traditional tuna fish sandwich really difficult to come across!

When you cannot find it from someone else?  Get it yourself.

As someone who has a Tuna allergy, and never really liked mayonnaise growing up, here is what I did to satisfy that fish-y sandwich craving:

Finely Tuned-Fish Sandwich

This reminds me of a summer day picnic, deliciousness, and everything I ever wanted in a tuna fish sandwich.  (It’s actually better for you, since it uses hummus instead of mayo, too!)
8 slices of your favorite gluten-free sandwich bread*, lightly toasted
3/4 cup plain hummus, plus 4 tbs. for spread, divided
1 can pink or red salmon (boneless), drained/1 cup diced tofu for fish allergies
1 tbs. chives, minced
baby lettuce and sliced tomatoes for garnish 

Preparation time: 5 minutes
Serves 4

1.  In a small bowl, mix together hummus, salmon or tofu, and chives until thoroughly combined.  
2.  Spread 1 tbs. hummus onto toasted bread, followed by baby lettuce and then sliced tomato. (vegetables optional)  Spoon on 1/4 of salmon mixture, and top with second slice of bread.  Serve veggie-side up.
3.  How easy.  Enjoy!

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