Inspiration: Gluten-Free Lady Fingers

Risotteria may have been one of the best things to happen to the West Village.  Or at least one of the best things for us Italian-food-loving, gluten-free folk.

Last night I had the sincere pleasure of dining with NYCfoodguy‘s Lawrence Weibman at Risotteria, where the “man food”-loving gentleman (reluctantly) admitted how good gluten-free can be.

After a meal of GF Caesar Salad, meat balls, truffle oil portobello mushroom pizza, and truffle oil mozzarella mushroom risotto, we were stuffed, but (obviously) had room for dessert.

Enter: Gluten-Free Tiramisu.

Which leads me to my inspiration: GLUTEN-FREE LADY FINGERS.

I love how many things are gluten-free, now.  Including that Italian staple of the thin, delicious, moist-yet-crispy delight that is appropriately called the “lady finger”.

Get your Bubble Child version here: Dr. Schar’s Ladyfingers

–no wheat, additional soy, preservatives, gluten, or lactose–

Use them for all of your layering dessert needs.  Also excellent with whipped cream, strawberries, and a smile.

Buon appetito.


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