Inspiration: Jim Morrison and a Caramelized Chocolate Sea Salt Fig Sundae

“I think the interview is the new art form.  I think the self-interview is the essence of creativity.  Asking yourself questions and trying to find answers… which to me is what art is all about.” -Jim Morrison, Wilderness, Volume 1: Prologue

Let’s face it: as Bubble Children, we have to get creative with what we eat.  We have to ask questions.  We have to find answers.  We have to be artists… food artists!

This evening after work, after a hot ride on the subway, and an even hotter walk through the streets of the East Village up the two flights of hot stairs to get to my apartment, I started questioning myself.  Not in my abilities to march in the heat, but more along the lines of, “What can I possibly eat right now to cool me down?”

While I knew I was going to eat the leftover rice and meat from yesterday’s Independence Day festivities, I knew I wanted something more.  And I knew it involved ice cream.

But upon questioning further, my creative impulses started kicking in, and I asked, “Do I really just want ice cream?”

The answer?  No.  I want ice cream with toppings.  With chocolate toppings.  With chocolate and fruit toppings.

Herein lies the creativity: all I had was figs, olive oil, cocoa powder, sea salt, agave nectar, cinnamon and vanilla that seemed remotely close to toppings.  Oh, and vanilla hemp ice cream.  Turns out: that’s all I’d ever really want after the outcome!

Asking those questions lead to this great topping: Caramelized Chocolate Sea Salt Fig Sundae.  See that picture to the right?  Yup.  You can have it, too!


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