Plantain Party!!!!

I have yet to meet someone with a banana allergy.  I feel that is cause for a celebration.  Dare I request a plantain party?  I did.

The idea was simple: let’s try out different ideas for frying bananas, and make some spicy food and sangria to go with.  While not all in attendance were Bubble Children, everyone LOVED the food, and we didn’t have to worry about any anaphylactic shock or digestive comas for the sensitive ones in attendance.  (aka- me.)

This idea is SO easy to re-create at home.  And, as cooking together tends to be, is a delightfully bonding experience:

<–want to play with bananas and oil?  See laughing here.

<–cooking ain’t your thing, but love eating chips and guac and sipping on sangria while others slave away in the hot kitchen?  See smiling here.

<–want to stand in the hallway awkwardly because you didn’t really know what your role was after going on the plantain-buying run earlier that afternoon?  See my little brother, here.

As you can see, there is a place for all in the PLANTAIN PARTY.

Click on the links for recipes below!

To drink:  Peach Blueberry Sangria

To munch on while you cook: Home Made Guacamole

The sustenance: Dirty RiceGarlic Black BeansMaraschino Cherry Chicken

The main attraction: Simple Fried PlantainsChocolate Cinnamon Plantains

<–serving up some happiness.


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