Inspiration: Does dairy cause break-outs?

It’s funny how some things are completely unpredictable, and others are just like clockwork.  For me?  I wish it weren’t so, but my reaction to dairy is JUST like clockwork, with many bodily functions, including none other than: MY SKIN.

I had the absolute pleasure of getting a facial from Elena Rubin (creator of Elena Rubin Skincare, and holistic medical professional), and she noted that while my skin looked pretty good, it did have some breaking out on my chin.  As I did mention that I had food sensitivities before entering the room, she remarked how, “You know, many of my clients who eat [too much] dairy break out there,” and how she noticed the same thing happened with herself, as well.   I then reflected on that block of raw Goat Cheese Tomme I had chowed down on from the farmer’s market on Sunday.  Oopsy daisy.

While goat cheese may be easier for most lactose-intolerant Bubble Children to digest, myself included, it doesn’t change the fact that literally every time I eat dairy, of any kind, I will break out on my chin.

…you’ve got a zit.

It was interesting to hear a confirmation from someone else whose job is to look at and fix people’s complexions for a living!  …might not be in my head, after all.  (Just on my face.)

Now, I am not saying to avoid eating dairy for vanity’s sake.  However, if my face is reacting this way to what I am ingesting, and my face is a part of my body, it probably is not the best thing for my overall system.

Regardless, I will suck up the few blemishes for my beloved artisanal cheese every now and again.  (Gotta weigh those costs and benefits.  Cheese joy or immaculate skin?  hmmmm.)

For the BEST FACIAL and comprehensive wellness center in NYC, check out Elena Rubin (skincare), Flavia Bruni (Tools for Grace pilates and movement) and Gianantonio Corna (Reiki Master) at:

Ethos Collective

594 Broadway, Suite 302 

(between Houston and Prince)

New York, NY 10012



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