Inspiration: Does “Wheat-free” mean “Gluten-free”?

While shopping today on my lunch break for snacks and what not at Amish Market, this fabulous New York boutique grocer, I ran into a conundrum: Newman’s Own Creme-O’s were labeled “Wheat-free” and “Dairy-free”, but were marked specifically “Not a Gluten-Free Product”.

Given that the common perception of gluten is the protein found in wheat, I immediately flipped over the package to see where the gluten culprit may be.

First ingredient listed: Barley flour.


Although I would have loved to have chowed down on some organic oreo-esque sweet treats, reading this was such a nice reminder that gluten does not just frolic in the realm of wheat.  Us Bubble Children have to look out for:




-Rolled oats




-Oat bran

Knowledge is power, and so is control over your digestive comfort.  :)


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