Walking into Whole Food’s tends to make my day.  EVERY day I walk in there.

Tonight was no exception.  After eating a pretty large dinner, followed by not one, but two of my dairy- and gluten-free Devil’s Food Cupcakes with Hemp Frosting that I developed last night (recipe will be shared soon), I kinda needed to walk around a bit.  I. Was. Full.

Thus, I walked to Whole Food’s.  (sensical?  Who cares.  It ended well.)

Upon entering this very metropolitan retail location, replete with way-too-large sections for every food type, I stumbled upon their fresh pasta partition.  I have never, ever found a fresh pasta that has been ready-made gluten-free until this evening.  Glistening in front me, in precious, moist dumpling perfection, were petite balls of none other than freshly-made Gnocchi.  Gluten-free.

While Gnocchi is a potato pasta, 99% if the time it is made using wheat flour, and then potato flour, as bases.  This pasta consists of only potato flour, potato flakes, and rice flour as the carbohydrates.

Nuovo is the brand.  Here is their site:

You can find them at Whole Food’s.  Inspiration: YES, PLEASE!


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