Inspiration: Anything named “Cheeze” probably can’t be THAT good for you.

At one of my favorite local health stores today, I was perusing their dairy/meat section.  This store is one of my favorites, because it is NOT vegan, but does provide animal-free products if your palette so desires.

Amongst the yogurts, soy and rice milks, real bacon, and vast array of perishable proteins, there stood the alternative cheeses.  By alternative cheese, I mean not cultured milk.  Of course, there was the most common: soy cheese.  Next was my favorite “Daiya” cheese, and then we had smack dab in the middle of it all: Rice Cheeze.

While the ingredients are not horrible in this rice variety, including different binding agents and rice milk that has been processed to be “cheese”-like, there was a little ingredient that made me think scratch my head a bit: Casein (milk protein).

What is a bit paradoxical to me, is how this cheese is a non-traditional cheese, made to be lactose-free, and for the vegetarian, health-conscious set, and yet it contains milk protein.  Why wouldn’t one just buy regular cheese?  (I’m sure it tastes better.)

This is pretty commonplace for dairy-free products, I’ve found, and is something I thought I’d tip my fellow Bubble Children off to.  Thus, if you are on a dairy-free, casein-free diet, even if it says “lactose”-free, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is dairy- and casein-free!

Safe shopping, my friends.


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