Inspiration: MAPLE SUGAR SYRUP – Cane Sugar Alternative Extraordinaire!

It turns out maple syrup isn’t just for pancakes.  If you are one of the many Bubble Children who shudders at the word sucrose, refined sugar probably isn’t your bag.  However, something that does come in a bag, and is one of the most natural, tasty, comparable granulation of sweet that I have discovered in lieu of sugar, is Pure Maple Sugar.

I was cooking for my favorite pizza place in NYC, Pie by the Pound, yesterday and the owner simply cannot eat refined sugar, but really wanted sugar cookies.  The thing that is SO TASTY about sugar cookies, I find, is that nice little crunch crunch crunch you get from biting into something gooey and then having a coarse little granule of sugar explode sweet in your mouth.  While agave rings sugary, it sure doesn’t explode in my mouth.

<–Ready to pop in the oven.  With the dough tasting the way it did, I’m surprised it made it to the pan.

<–My gift to Pie.

<–Pie’s gift to me.  Win win.

Pure Maple Sugar is such a happy discovery.  It is so sweet, that you only need to use half of what you normally would in any other recipe, and cooks just delightfully.

Try it out in my Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe or any other place you’d use granulated sugar!


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