And the winner is…

Thursday night was like a Bubble Child Christmas with Pie by the Pound‘s “Sample our Ample” gluten-free pizza, beer, and cider tasting event.  When they said ample?  They meant it.  The event was ample is EVERYTHING, from the pizza, to the beverages, to great conversation, enthusiasm for food, and representation from the gluten-free beverage sponsors.  It was an incredible evening of swapping stories, being surrounded by like-minded (and bodied) people, and, of course, eating lots and LOTS of pizza.

While there were so many highlights to the night, I thought it would be beneficial, since so much went on, to narrow it down to a few “winners”.  And the Bubble (???) goes to…

Best slice: Greek Salad Pizza (literally a gorgeously flavorful Greek salad, with sheep’s milk Feta, olives, chopped lettuce, onion, tomatoes, etc. on top of the thinnest crust.  Wow.)

<–THIS was the pizza topping.  Hello, creative!  (And delicious.)

Best gluten-free beer: Green’s Amber Ale (goes really well with pizza)

<–so. many. to. choose. from.

Best cider: Original Sin Hard Apple Cider

<–Me and the Original Sin Cider guy.  Their posters in the background.  

Favorite new blogger discovery: Carolyn Turek with her site GFBird (

More photos:

<–Renee (manager of Pie), you look too happy.  Did you really hand those cups out to customers, or did they just magically disappear?

<–a new friend, Barry.  Barry was in full health his whole life until about 15 years ago, when he suddenly started to lose weight very rapidly.  After getting down to 98 pounds, he went to a doctor, and discovered that his onset of a severe gluten intolerance came later in life.  No worries, though, this man got down on multiple rounds of pizza, gluten-free beer, and was quite the life of the party.

<–the list of gluten-free alcohol, in case you want to try the bounty, yourself!

<–more new friends with the Original Sin guy.  Good people.  Non-gluten-freers, who just love the pizza.


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