OK.  I know I’m not alone in that the title of this post makes my mouth water.

Don’t worry.  The sandwich itself will, too.

For those Bubble Children who are missing the good ole’ PB&J (or could never try it, like yours truly), there are puh-lenty of substitutes out there.  From Soy-nut Butter to Hemp Seed Butter to Sunflower Seed butter and even Pea Butter, they’ve come up with a plethora of spreads to replace the protein and creaminess of the “PB” in the “PB&J”.  Gluten intolerance holding you back?  The number of gluten-free breads on the market now are astounding.  Can’t find any locally?  Make your own! using my Home Sweet Honey Buns recipe.

INPSIRATION: for a simple weekend picnic snack, or yummy school lunch alternative, spread a few tablespoons of tahini and mango preserves on gluten-free bread, smush together, and slice in half.  Enjoy with a cool glass of water, soda, or Perrier.  :)


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