Gluten-free Flour from THE FRENCH LAUNDRY. (!!!!)

Ouiiiii, oui.

If ruling the Californian (and, debatably, American) gastronomical scene wasn’t enough, Napa’s The French Laundry might as well develop an amazing gluten-free flour.  Just… because.

Actually, it was because they were having so many requests by restaurant patrons for gluten-free items on their menu that Lena Kwak, the restaurant’s culinary researcher, spent copious numbers of hours, dough batches, and starchy bonding experimentations to come up with “C4C” or “Cup for Cup” gluten-free flour.  This flour proves to replace one cup of regular flour, using a blend of white and brown rice, tapioca and potato flours with potato starch, cornstarch and milk powder.

This means that one of the top dining institutions in America is putting aside centuries of French culinary technique using “real” flour, and any notion of “that couldn’t possibly taste French Laundry standard”, and accepting gluten-free as a reality and something worthy of developing into flavorful joy!  In my book?  HUGE milestone.

Interested?  Check out 3-pounds’ worth for $19.95 at

For the Bubble Child version, click here.


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