Fun find: MOCHI… BREAD?

As we all know, not all flour is created equal.  Whether it comes from wheat or rice already immediately affects the desirability to a Bubble Child of gluten resistance.  What´s more, is that while finding that coveted rice flour to create your baked and fried delights with, not every one is designed by Thomas Keller, or even Bob´s Red Mill, for that matter.

The other day, I was in an Asian super market in the East Village, M2M (Morning to Midnight), and stumbled upon a package of “Sweet Rice Flour”.  BOOM, I think, PERFECT for baking with.  Already sweet?  Just add water.  (and butter and eggs and xantham gum and… etc.)

Well, that would be the case if you were trying to make mochi, but the same is not said for what I generally use rice flour for.  After preparing my fail-proof recipe of Banana CocoNOT bread, I noticed the dough was really sticky.  I proceeded to bake it, nonetheless, and had my cake emerge to be of a funky taste and consistency… almost gum-like.  Strange.

I tried again on a different day, and same thing happened.  Guess it wasn´t my bananas or oven, after all.

Turns out that Sweet Rice Flour is a specialty flour that is used as a binding agent or thickener in sauces or things that are meant to be refrigerated, as it inhibits separation of liquids.  Ohhhhhhhhhhhh.

Thus!  Fun find: pick yourself up a box of Mochiko (available online here), and use their really easy recipe on the back to whip up a batch of that favorite Asian dessert, chocolate mochi.



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2 responses to “Fun find: MOCHI… BREAD?

  1. awwww!!! I tried making green tea mochi cake with rice flour and it was a fail. I even bought matcha green tea powder (subbed part of it for sugar as per the directions) when it baked I tried it in a springform pan which leaked out the bottom because the pan was dented and I didn’t notice (the stuff off the bottom of the oven tasted PERFECT) and then the cake collapsed on top leaving a lot of liquid on the top of the cake and burnt around the edges. I was devastated. I know whatever you come up with will be perfect LOL. I was able to cut out the middle and eat it after wiping off the liquid. It was very yummy.

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