Hold your breath for take off. And landing. And everywhere in between.

While having the potential of ingesting a nut and that sending me into anaphylactic shock, or resulting death, is a rather frightening fact of my existence, it pales in comparison to those who cannot even breathe in the essence of nuts.

What, then, is a Bubble Child to do when flying on a commercial aircraft, if the allergy is so severe that they cannot even breathe in the remote scent of a nut?  While I am sure we all wish we had enough money to transport ourselves around in private jets, garnished with plush beds, a massage therapist, and a private chef, I don’t think that’s at all the reality for the majority of those reading this blog.  Or anybody, for that matter.

But really, one does have to question: how can you fly around in an airplane that will serve nuts?!  Even if the histamine-intensive person is not consuming the nuts, the proteins floating in the air will send the breathing Bubble Child into an allergenic nightmare.  Think of it as a really, really bad cat or dog allergy.  But the “dandruff” is lethal.

After some investigation, it appears that this summer, Air Canada has instated a “nut-free zone”.  This means that if someone gives 48 hours’ notice, they will be guaranteed to not have nuts consumed by anybody in their row, the row across the aisle, the row in front, or the row behind them.

While this is very courteous, I strongly doubt that it will solve the problem.  Ever heard a baby cry 20 rows behind you, and wonder if they were the thing behind you kicking your seat?  Yeah, space is a bit limited on planes, as well as the air that circulates.  Peanut proteins anywhere, even if not within the next few rows, still does not seem safe for those with such treacherous allergies.


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