You know how some people say they are “allergic” to the sulfites in wine?  Well, that lead my food-obsessed brain to contemplate whether or not we are allergic to mercury.  That nasty chemical frequently found in the fish we consume.  It turns out that while mercury allergies are very rare, mercury poisoning is not healthy for anybody.  (duhhhh.)

However, overall health is a key factor to digestive and immune system bliss.  Since food allergies are deficiencies in the immune system, and the body’s natural processing of ingredients, it would be wise, for many reasons, to avoid mercury.

No one wants to pull a Jeremy Piven.

So, how do we know if a fish is really safe to buy or eat in a restaurant?

Well, Bubble Children, to ensure that you don’t turn green (exaggeration) after biting into that Tuna Tartare, or purchase the fish that will send your family into a mini episode of Supernatural, check out SEAFOOD WATCH.

This service presented by the Monterey Bay Aquarium will give you exact and up-to-date information on that specific catch of fish, whether you’re in Connecticut, Minnesota, or right there in the heart of the Northern California coast.  It color-codes the safety of the fish by either GREEN (eat it!), YELLOW (it’s pretty good), or RED (beware).  Either way, they will explain why the fish is either “good” or “bad” to eat, and leave that decision up to you!

Check out the web-site here:

iPhone app is FREE here:


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