You know how people go to the library shelves to learn?  (or, at least, used to in those prehistoric “no internet” days.)  Well, I go the supermarket.  Today’s lesson was very educational:


You gotta love how everyone is capitalizing off of the “gluten-free” awareness movement: everything that is without wheat’s binding protein is so clearly marked nowadays.  It’s great.

And tastes excellent in pumpkin cider flavor.

No need to feel left out of the Oktoberfest/seasonal beer offerings: Woodchuck Cider has hooked us Bubble Children UP!  INSPIRATION: Private Reserve WOODCHUCK PUMPKIN HARD CIDER.  The cider tastes as good as the packaging looks.  With notes of brut apples, pumpkin, nutmeg, and cinnamon, this cider will bring you to fall quicker than those leaves can depart their weary branches.

Great with poultry, stews, or (my favorite of snacks) sweet potato fries and hummus.

<–happy happy happy lunch.


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