KOMBUCHA COCKTAIL: If Whole Foods did it, so can we.

Perusing this season’s “100 best dishes and drinks” from Time Out New York, I found myself in an inspiration frenzy.  If Europe didn’t do me in with things I want to try, this surely did.

One thing quickly caught my eye:  “LAMBRUCHA”= KOMBUCHA+BEER

Holy sweet bubbles, that sounds fun.  Who doesn’t want to help digestion whilst imbibing?  (Kombucha is revered for its digestive properties.)  Too bad the “lamb-” in “Lambrucha” is for the wheat-laden Belgian Lambic.  The stomach death from the ale would negate said Kombucha benefits for this Bubble Child… but I have a hard time taking “no” for an answer.

Because drinking with others is always usually more fun than drinking alone, I whipped up some snacks, bought some local Kombucha and booze, and gathered up a group of my best tasters (who are not gluten-free) to get an honest assessment.

<–tedious labor, really.

<–Some were what we’d call a “fail”.

<–Others were like Charlie Sheen.

After extensive rounds of tasting, using 1 part Kombucha and 1 part assorted alcoholic beverage, it appears that Lemon Drop Kombucha goes well with nothing.  The Ginger Kombucha is nice with red wine, GF beer, and cider.

The winner (and probably the only one that I would consider paying money for?): Wood Chuck Reserve Pumpkin Hard Cider + Ginger Kombucha.

My guests were unapologetically honest with their tasting notes:

Chilean Sauvignon Blanc + Lemon Drop Kombucha: “Smells like two-day-old still water”, “Cat Piss Squared”, “Mildew on a vineyard”

Prosecco + Lemon Drop Kombucha: “Prosecco Killer”, “After adding more prosecco, still a bad idea”, “Extreme sense of guilt”

Pinot Noir + Ginger Kombucha: “War-torn wine cellar”, “Chilled mulled wine sangria”

Pumpkin Cider + Ginger Kombucha: “Ameliorated the cider”, “Complemented each other in a soothing surprising way, as individually I disliked their strength and after taste”, “Hard candy behind your throat”

New Grist gluten-free Beer + Ginger Kombucha: “Tastes like a rattler”, “Hooray, one of the ‘Top Drinks’ of 2011”

KEEPIN’ IT LOCAL!  Where we purchased the Kombucha Brooklyn, Urban Rustic in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, they actually do serve “BeerBuchas” for brunch.  If you go in and purchase the New Grist there, they’ll put that Kombucha on Tap right on top for ya.


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