ALL YOU CAN EAT AND DRINK Gluten-Free Pizza and Cider TONIGHT! at Pie by the Pound

After taking a red-eye back from San Francisco last night, cooking all day, and finally having the time to open my planner, I found something that made this really happily tired face smile a big ole’ smile: Bubble Child favorite PIE BY THE POUND (near Union Square) is having an ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT-AND-DRINK Gluten-Free Pizza and Cider Event tonight (Wednesday)!

Yes, that’s right.  Original Sin Cider will even be there to share their new brew.  And they have “Apple Pie Pizza”.  Oh, the joy.

Check out their cute flyer below.  And then check out their cute (slash seriously savory) slices of pizza in mere hours.

<–a portion of proceeds will be donated to the Celiac Disease Center at Columbia University.  Pie is tasty and philanthropic.  What a place!


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