You can choose your friends.  You can choose the food you eat.  But you cannot always choose your family members.  Fortunately for yours truly, I would actually choose my cousin Kelly as someone to be involved in my daily activities, particularly if they pertain to food and eating.  While she spends her days looking up “food porn” (aka surfing food blogs), I spend my days food blogging and cooking.

Match. Made. In. Heaven.

She wanted to try out some Bubble Child recipes while visiting NYC, and we did it up today.  Therefore, we have a new inspiration: PERFECT SUNDAY MEAL COMBINATION – Trout Amandine, Cheese Fondue, Crispy Garlic Broccoli, and Sliced Apples

Start out baking the potatoes, and throw some sliced broccoli with garlic and olive oil and sea salt in there to dip in the fondue.  When the potatoes are just getting soft, start the fondue, and when the fondue is melted, fire up that fish!  Slice up some apples, and dip everything besides the fish in the cheese.  Holy food glory…. this is a feast.  A very pleasantly filling feast.

<–You can dip potatoes…

<–or apples in cheese.  ahhhhh mmmmmsdkapoevmaweov!

This takes about 40 minutes total, taking your time.  It tastes so good, it will probably take you twice as long to eat, because you’ll want to savor every cheesy, nutty, buttery, succulent bite of the wonderful melange of flavors.  Happy Sunday!!!


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