Inspiration: Lookin’ good, feelin’ good. What is “WHEAT BELLY”?

The point of Bubble Child is certainly not aesthetic.  The aim of food is to give energy and pleasure (which most certainly gives energy), and to inspire a little creativity within the realms of our digestive capacities.  However, while feeling good, energizing the body in ways it can handle, and treating those taste buds, it doesn’t hurt to have a little aesthetic pay-off, as well.

I was recently sent an article by the amazing and talented Chef Abigail Hitchcock pertaining to “Wheat Belly”.  What is “Wheat Belly”, you may ask?  Well, it is that ring of fat around the abdominal wall that accumulates from eating, you guessed it, wheat.

Turns out this wall of fat is more than just stored extra energy– it actually is a little endocrine system of its own!  Meaning: it produces hormones and signals to the rest of the body to produce more fat.

Ever wondered why “beer bellies” exist, or why it is just so hard to burn that fat around the mid-section?  Looks like cutting out that wheat is not a bad idea.

Lookin’ good, feelin’ good.  Keep on eating, Bubble Children.  :)



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