Inspiration: Take STOCK in the fact that your soup is additive-free.

It snowed today in New York.  No leaves have fallen from the trees.  And it is yet to be Halloween.

<–waiting for the subway after brunch.  Not exactly mojito weather.

Not only is this the earliest snow storm in a really really long time, but I am from California.  My blood is about as thin as the line between laughing and crying.  It needs something to thicken it up.  Something like… soup!

However, having soup isn’t always the healthiest thing.  It baffles my mind how many things are added into our food.  Exhibit A:

This soup claims to be all-natural and have the “purest ingredients”.  I do not recall hearing about Native Americans harvesting “Hydrolized Corn Protein”, “Yellow 5 & 6”, “Modified Food Starch”, or “Partially Hydrogenated Soybean Oil” on their farms.  When focusing on healthy digestion fod food sensitivities, adding unnecessary chemicals and things that aren’t food only makes things worse.  And it sure ain’t gonna cure that cold if it’s causing my immune and digestive system to fight these unrecognizable objects that have been added into something like soup.

Thus, we have an INSPIRATION: make your own stock!

This is not exclusive to the white apron-wearing set.  Stock is really REALLY easy to make: All you’ve gotta do is save the leftover bits and pieces of vegetables that you use throughout the week.  We’re talking exteriors of garlic, onions, bottoms of broccoli, roots of herbs, stems of plants, etc.  Then, save something with some uuuuumph, if you’re not going for simple vegetable: either the bones of steak, chicken, or even cheese rinds. (!!!works really well.)  For every 1 cup “Stuff” you have, boil 8 cups water.  Add in your saved goods, and simmer at a medium-low heat for about 4 hours for a really flavorful stock.  Strain out the parts that are not liquid, and store in an airtight container.

Not only are you not wasting anything from your cooking, but you are ensuring that there is nothing you’re putting in that delicate system that isn’t food, and your food is going to taste like candy.  I mean, soup.  Really good soup.

Stock will keep in an airtight container in the fridge for about 4 days, and the freezer for about a month!


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