So… you’re telling me you can CURE MY PEANUT ALLERGY?!

These types of articles and medical claims always come with a HUGE grain of salt to me.  Since I was, well, born, I have had a deadly nut allergy.  The thought of curing it by “taking small doses” of nuts and then weaning off of my allergy is everything but comfortable.  What once sent me to the hospital with 3 minutes to live (thanks, Brazil Nut), is not exactly something I was to voluntarily put into my body, no matter how small the dose.

However, this article, sent to me by a friend, seems relatively sensical, and does not involve the direct ingestion of nuts.

Scientists believe to have found a cure for fatal allergies by attaching the protein of the allergen to the leukocyte cells of the immune system.  When tested on these poor mice, they didn’t turn out to be so poor, as they were able to handle the allergen.  Basically, this is hyper-targeting the immunity response by making the allergen part of the immune system itself.  No need to attack!

See the full article from CBS News here.


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