<–Niantic, Connecticut, is great.

<–So is being able to eat the wrap at that cute cafe on their Main St. (yum.)

After the Thanksgiving marathon of cooking (11 hours total by yours truly whipping up a solo feast in a tiny New York apartment.  We counted.), I was jumping at the bit to get out of the city for a little relaxation.  Enter: Niantic, CT.  A darling beach town with a calling for chilling out, grubbing down, and reminding ourselves that concrete was not around before the dinosaurs.

Neither was this cafe, nor tortillas, but I was slightly shocked, to say the least, when my guy and I went for breakfast at Cafe Sol, a tiny cafe on their Main Street.  The menu housed sandwiches, wraps, and bagels.  AKA- au revoir, choice.  Buuuuuut, low and behold, we asked the owner if they had gluten-free, and the gorgeous magician of a hostess whipped out a package of Food for Life Brown Rice Tortillas.

If this local cafe in this tiny town could accommodate a gluten intolerance, I think that’s a huge ball of hope and inspiration for the rest of us Bubble Children.

If you ever make it out to Niantic, CT, chase seagulls (see left), and go to Cafe Sol.  If tiny beach towns aren’t on your agenda, but you still want a Bubble Child-safe breakfast wrap, you can get your Food for Life tortillas here.



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  1. Tabatha!
    It is to good to hear from you… and that trip to Niantic was an absolute gem of an experience! I do hope to come back to your cafe by the sea, and will be entirely sure to introduce myself when I do so.
    Enjoy the tail-end of summer, and I am happy you found the write-up!
    Erica (and Joey, my boyfriend, chasing the seagulls) :)
    Bubble Child

  2. Tabatha Miranda

    Dear Bubblechild,
    I absolutely LOVED your write up. Thank you so much for making my day. Sorry I didn’t see it sooner….my daughter found it. I hope if you come back to our sweet little cafe by the sea you come and introduce yourself. My name is Tabatha and would love to meet you…..hope to see you soon. please like us on Facebook so you can see all of my corny updates…
    With Warm Regards,
    Tabatha and Brian
    cafe SoL, Niantic CT

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