SUPER EASY GLUTEN-FREE Shallot Soy Sauce Turkey/Chicken/Tofu recipe

“Waste” is not in my culinary vocabulary.  As in, I will literally take home the fish head from dinner at a restaurant to make stock.  (Gross, but, sadly, true.)  It’s simply that you can get so much out of each and every piece of food, and it sure adds flavor when food allergies dictate that certain items and groups of food take certain flavors away!

That being said, no turkey was left behind this Thanksgiving.  After chowing down on an amazing 15-pound bird for three family members (that’s a loootttaaaaaa poultry for a liiitttllleeeee people), I froze half of the leftovers, knowing they would come to use later.

Enter: my lunch today.  SO EASY to make… with limited ingredients, a little “savoir faire”, and a whole lotta kick.  Do this with any cooked meat (or tofu for our veggie Bubble Children!), and you’ll be thankful you took the 5 minutes to whip it up.

Shallot Soy Sauce Turkey

3 tbs. grapeseed or sunflower seed oil, divided

1 large shallot, diced

6 oz. cooked turkey, chicken, or steak (can use tofu or fish for non-meat eaters)

2 tbs. gluten-free soy sauce

Preparation time: 1 minute

Cook time: 5-6 minutes

Serves 1 hungry person or two slightly famished individuals

  1. Heat 2 tbs. oil in a large saute’ pan that is NOT NON-STICK.  (Not having that teflon coating your cooking surface is important, because you want to scrape off the brown bits of the shallot and meat for flavor.)
  2. Toss in shallots.  Saute’ for about 2-3 minutes, or until they just start to brown.
  3. Throw in shredded, cooked meat, and remaining tablespoon oil.  Cook for another 3 minutes, or until edges begin to brown.
  4. Splash soy sauce in pan, remove from heat, and immediately begin to “deglaze” the pan (meaning, adding a liquid to the bits and pieces of the pan and scraping it all away with a wooden spoon).  The liquid will allow for easy cleaning of the pan, and for all of those yummy caramelized bits of the meat and onion to get blended with the savory flavor of the meat, and the salty aroma of the soy sauce.

Serve with quinoa, rice, and/or greens, and top with a little sliced avocado and cranberry chutney for a real treat!


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