Gluten-free s’mores?

Oooohhhh yeaaaaahhhhh.

Fortunately, for all parties involved, camping is not just an excuse to hold a BB gun looking like something related to Winnie the Pooh.  I was fully immersed into Oregonian culture this weekend by taking a nice break from cooking in restaurants and preparing gourmet meals to living off of no running water, only fire for sources of light (OK, maybe a flashlight), and good ole’ camp-food meal time.

It’s like peas and carrots, peanut butter and jelly, the singer named “Prince” and symbols… something about s’mores and camping just has to happen.  (Even if you are allergic to one or more of the things on the list above.  I know I am.)  Open fires yield smokey flavor, melty marshmallows, and potential threats for saying, “Why the heck not..” to a gluten attack via graham cracker.

However, there is no need for attacking the small intestine with unnecessary gluten exposure when it needs all of that energy to simply survive in the outdoors. (or in the comfort of your living room if that is where your s’mores fire resides.)  Take it on Bubble Child style!  And thank goodness someone took their time to make some deeeelliiicciiiooouuussssss gluten-free graham crackers.

BINGO!!  We have a winner.  Gluten-free “S’moreables” by Kinnikinnick.  Even if their name is a bit off, their flavor is dead on.

Available at most grocery stores where anything gluten-free is sold, or online here!

Whether you are braving the cold in a puffy hat or chillin’ out in your PJ’s with all sorts of central heat, just pop a marshmallow on a stick, put that baby over some flames, and smush in between two gluten-free graham crackers and your favorite gluten-free chocolate for some finger-licking good times.


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