CAN ACUPUNCTURE CURE FOOD INTOLERANCES? Bubble Child Interview with Acupuncturist Eliza Grimes.

Full Interview

After visiting Eliza Grimes for an interview and sample acupuncture treatment, I was not only feeling like my stomach had just been massaged by 101 kitten paws, but moreover blown away by the integrated method backing acupuncture’s effectiveness in relieving digestive issues.

How can sticking needles in someone cure their food intolerances??

Read on, my friends, for the exclusive Bubble Child interview: A(LLERGIES)CUPUNCTURE

LUCKY YOU BUBBLE CHILD READERS!  Eliza Grimes will give 10% off initial treatment and consultation for all Bubble Child readers.

Eliza Grimes, LAc, MSTOM, 928 Broadway, Suite 904 (between 21st and 22nd), New York, NY 10010.  



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