Gluten and Nut-Free AT THE AIRPORT?

Yes, my friends.  Yes.

Well… kinda.

They’re not exactly killing themselves over developing dishes at those [delicious?, high-quality(??), low-priced(noooo)] airport restaurants, but they are at least hosting a variety of allergy-free goodies for us Bubble Children.

I think that eating at airports is a challenge/fear for most people, and if you can only imagine what that’s like for those with food allergies, it’s like a fish attempting to cross the Sahara Desert.

HAPPY NEWS: today connecting through Sacramento, I discovered a “Healthy Living” stand, and they hosted these little gems: GERBS.

Gerbs produces flavored pumpkin seeds and snacks that are sent out from a guaranteed nut, gluten, soy, egg, crustacean, dairy (etc).. free facility.

…And the two hour layover became slightly less painful.


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