Why, Worcestershire? Why?!

Not only does Worcestershire sauce sound like it should be a wearing steel “armour” whilst fencing atop a horse, but it is, sadly, a hidden enemy of Bubble Children.

Really, Worcestershire?  But… wait.  Wait.  Worces… How?

For those who have never read the label of the bottle, like most normal, non-having-to-obsess-over-what-they-put-in-their-mouth, digestive Hercules never have to do, if you take a glance, you’ll see that one of the first few ingredients listed in Worchestire sauce is “wheat”.


While I haven’t exactly heard of people smothering their burgers or fries with Worcestershire, it is used in many dressings and sauces, including the ever-so-common CAESAR SALAD DRESSING.

Thus, next time you are purchasing a store-bought Caesar/ordering one at a restaurant, make sure that if you have Celiac disease, or a strong gluten intolerance, that your beloved feel-good salad topping doesn’t turn into a feel-bad experience due to the sneaky sauce of W.


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